Get Abortion Pills Online in Colorado

Get Abortion Pills Online in Colorado

Online Abortion Pill Cost in Colorado

Costs for abortion pills online in Colorado range between $250-375. Financial assistance may be available to those who qualify. We are unable to accept insurance or Medicaid for abortion pills by mail at this time. You’ll have a chance to discuss all of your options and decide what’s best for Get Abortion Pills Online in Colorado

Two Safe Options for an Abortion

Abortion is a safe and effective option for most people in the early stages of pregnancy. provides the abortion pill within the first 11 weeks of a missed period. We also provide the in-office procedure to 13 weeks of a missed period. Use our eligibility calculator to determine which option is best for you.

Abortion Pill

The abortion pill is often referred to as a medication abortion. It is actually two different medications taken in sequence. The first one, mifepristone, is taken during your appointment. The second dose is 4 pills called misoprostol, which are taken at home up to 72 hours (at the latest).

  • The abortion pill safely and effectively ends a pregnancy in a way that feels more like a natural process than a procedure.
  • The abortion pill may be better for those who have never had a pelvic exam or like the privacy of having an abortion at home.
  • You can choose when you take the medication/when the abortion will happen, which means the actual abortion can be timed to start the same day as your office visit or up to 3 days after your appointment — depending on what’s best for you.
  • Your visit at takes about 60 minutes. While a follow-up visit is sometimes recommended, it is often not necessary.

Abortion Procedure

Some people refer to an in-office abortion as surgical, when in fact, there is absolutely no surgery involved in this process. We use a gentle handheld suction device that is safe, quiet, and non-invasive. This is called a Manual Vacuum Aspiration.

  • The in-office procedure is fast. The actual abortion only takes a few minutes with our experienced provider.
  • You leave our facility no longer pregnant.
  • The visit lasts about 90 minutes.
  • There is less bleeding and cramping at home.
  • Usually no follow-up visit is required.

Abortion Pills by Visit has been providing abortion pill care via secure video consultation and discreet mailing for over a year. We’re providing safe, reliable access to the abortion pill to hundreds of people who are not in the immediate area of one of our website.

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